The first fully wireless cooking probe

Don't choose between cooking and your guests !

wireless cooking thermometer, via Bluetooth, compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android

One application to fully control your cooking process...

... and always get a perfectly cooked meal

Don't be away from your guest anymore...

No more checking the flames every 5 minutes on your barbecue...

Back and forth to the oven for control won't happen anymore...

It's not necessary to cut into your meat to check how it is cooked...

Don't choose between your guests and cooking success !

Meat°it alerts you when the food is under/over cooking and when it is ready

Thanks to the free meat°it app, you can control up to 4 probes simultaneously

How to use meat°it

Versatility and efficiency

The advantages of meat°it

The missing link


The probe resists to flares up over 3 minutes, and high temperature up to 600 ° C / 1100 ° F.
meat°it also comes with a 2 year warranty


meat° its gives an accurate temperature thanks to the patented "Cooking control", the application warns you if your meat is undercooking or overcooking.


Rechargable on its magnetised charging station, which allow an easy storage, which allow an easy storage. meat°it grants 24H autonomy in one charge.